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EsLint Plugin Lit A11y: tabindex-no-positive

Enforce tabIndex value is not greater than zero. HTML allows authors to specify an exact tab order for elements with the tabindex attribute, but doing so can interfere with assistive technology. Authors should prefer to let the browser determine the tab order by only using -1 and 0 as values to the tabindex attribute.

Rule Details

This rule aims to prevent degradation of keyboard accessibility for keyboard-focusable elements.

Examples of incorrect code for this rule:

html` <div tabindex="1"></div> `;
html` <div tabindex="2"></div> `;
html` <div tabindex="foo"></div> `;

Examples of correct code for this rule:

html` <div tabindex="0"></div> `;
html` <div tabindex="-1"></div> `;

When Not To Use It

If your lit-html templates do not make use of the tabindex attribute.

Further Reading

WebAIM: Keyboard Accessibility Page 2: Tabindex