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EsLint Plugin Lit A11y: click-events-have-key-events

Enforce @click is accompanied by at least one of @keyup, @keydown, or @keypress. Coding for the keyboard is important for users with physical disabilities who cannot use a mouse, AT compatibility, and screenreader users. This does not apply for interactive or hidden elements.

Rule Details

Examples of incorrect code for this rule:

html` <div @click="${onClick}"></div> `;

Examples of correct code for this rule:

html` <button @click="${onClick}"></button> `;
html` <div @click="${onClick}" @keyup="${onKeyup}"></div> `;


The allowList option lets you specify tag names to exclude from this rule. the allowCustomElements option (true by default) excludes all custom-elements from this rule.

  "rules": {
    "lit-a11y/click-events-have-key-events": [
        "allowList": ["foo-button"],
        "allowCustomElements": false

Examples of incorrect code with allowCustomElements: false:

html` <custom-element @click="${onClick}"></custom-element> `;

Examples of correct code with allowCustomElements: false, allowList: ['custom-element']:

html` <custom-element @click="${onClick}"></custom-element> `;

Further Reading