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EsLint Plugin Lit A11y: accessible-emoji (DEPRECATED)

Enforce emojis are wrapped in <span> and provide screenreader access.

Emoji help us communicate complex ideas very easily. When used in native apps and applications, emoji are reasonably accessible to screen readers, but on the web we need to do a little more to make sure everyone can understand emoji.

While many modern user agents are able to announce emoji to screen reader users, this rule is still useful for apps targetting older user agents.

Rule Details

This rule aims to prevent inaccessible use of emoji in lit-html templates.

Examples of incorrect code for this rule:

  <i role="img" aria-label="Panda face">🐼</i>

Examples of correct code for this rule:

html` <span role="img" aria-label="Panda face">🐼</span> `;
html` <span role="img" alt="Panda face">🐼</span> `;
  <span role="img" aria-label="Panda face">🐼</span>
  <span role="img" alt="Panda face">🐼</span>

  <label id="label">Clown</label>
  <span role="img" aria-labelledby="label">🤡</span>

When Not To Use It

If you exclusively target modern user agents which explicitly support emoji in plain text, or if you do not use emoji in your lit-html templates.

Further Reading

Accessible emoji by Léonie Watson