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EsLint Plugin Lit A11y: aria-unsupported-elements

Certain reserved DOM elements do not support ARIA roles, states and properties. This is often because they are not visible, for example meta, script, and style. This rule enforces that these DOM elements do not contain the role and/or aria-* attributes.

Rule Details

Examples of incorrect code for this rule:

html` <meta charset="UTF-8" aria-hidden="false" /> `;
html` <script role="foo"></script> `;
html` <style aria-hidden="foo"></style> `;
html` <style role="foo" aria-hidden="foo"></style> `;

Examples of correct code for this rule:

html` <script src="./foo.js"></script> `;
html` <meta charset="UTF-8" /> `;
html` <style></style> `;

Further Reading