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Development: Generator

Web component project scaffolding.


npm init @open-wc

This will kickstart a menu guiding you through all available actions.

$ npm init @open-wc
npx: installed 14 in 4.074s
     .d''           ``b.       Open Web Components Recommendations
   .p'      Open       `q.
 .d'    Web Components  `b.    Start or upgrade your web component project with
 .d'                     `b.   ease. All our recommendations at your fingertips.
 ::   .................   ::
 `p.                     .q'   See more details at https://open-wc.org/init/
  `p.    open-wc.org    .q'
   `b.     @openWc     .d'
     `q..            ..,'      Note: you can exit any time with Ctrl+C or Esc

? What would you like to do today? › - Use arrow-keys. Return to submit.
❯  Scaffold a new project
   Upgrade an existing project

Our generators are very modular you can pick and choose as you see fit.

Scaffold generators

These generators help you kickstart a new app or web component. They will create a new folder and set up everything you need to get started immediately.

Example usage:

npm init @open-wc
# Select "Scaffold a new project"

Available scaffold generators:

  • Web Component
    This generator scaffolds a starting point for a web component. We recommend using this generator when you want to develop and publish a single web component.

  • Application
    This generator scaffolds a new starter application. We recommend using this generator at the start of your web component project.


The above generators are the perfect playgrounds to prototype. Add linting, testing, demoing and building whenever the need arises.

Example usage:

cd existing-web-component
npm init @open-wc
# select "Upgrade an existing project" or add features while scaffolding

Available Upgrade features

  • Linting
    This generator adds a complete linting setup with ESLint, Prettier, Husky and commitlint.

  • Testing
    This generator adds a complete testing setup with Karma.

  • Demoing
    This generator adds a complete demoing setup with Storybook.

  • Building
    This generator adds a complete building setup with rollup.