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Open Web Components is an international, volunteer organization of web professionals interested in platform-centric development with web components. In addition to our core members, Open Web Components could not function without numerous contributors.

Core Members

Thomas Allmer

Senior front-end developer at ING, leading the Lion Web Components project. Believes strongly in the web and open source. Has a passion for straight forwards solutions with little abstractions. Thomas is the original founder of Open Web Components and lives in Vienna, Austria with his wife and son.

Lars Den Bakker

Senior front-end developer at ING.

Westbrook Johnson

As a Senior Computer Scientist at Adobe, Westbrook leads the Spectrum Web Components project. As a member of the broader web community, he is the chairperson of the w3c's Web Components Community Group.

Benny Powers

Principal front-end developer at Red Hat, working on PatternFly Elements web components, and long-time web-technologies enthusiast. Benny is the maintainer of Apollo Elements, rollup-plugin-lit-css, and other web-components related projects. Benny lives in Jerusalem, Israel with his wife and daughters.

Pascal Schilp

Software engineer at ING