Linting ESLint

Use ESLint to lint your es6 code.


npm i -g yo
npm i -g generator-open-wc

yo open-wc:linting-eslint


This is part of the default open-wc recommendation


  • yarn add --dev @open-wc/eslint-config
  • Copy .eslintignore to .eslintignore
  • Copy .eslintrc.js to .eslintrc.js
  • Add these scripts to your package.json
    "scripts": {
      "lint:eslint": "eslint --ext .js,.html .",
      "format:eslint": "eslint --ext .js,.html . --fix"

What you get

This will install @open-wc/eslint-config, a config based on airbnb but allows for some specialities needed for Web Components.

  • Apply linting to js and html files
  • Allow dynamic module imports
  • Allow imports in test/demos from devDependencies
  • Allow underscore dangle
  • Do not prefer default exports
  • Do not prefer no file extension



  • npm run lint:eslint to check if any file is not correctly formatted
  • npm run format:eslint to auto format your files
Last Updated: 1/13/2019, 10:46:34 AM