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Community: Getting Started

In the Web Components Ecosystem there are many different base and component libraries. Depending on your requirements one might be more appropriate for your project than others.

If you want to build new component be sure to check out all Base Libraries. If you want to use existing components then take a look at the Component Libraries.

There are also different Web Component Communities. Most of them are centered around a specific Base or Component Library.

MediumCommunitiesApproximate Size
Polymer SlackLitElement, LitHtml, Open Web Components, Lion~12.000 (on 10. October 2020)
Stencil SlackStencil~4.000 (on 10. October 2020)
Fast DiscordFast~700 (on 21. October 2020)
Shoelace DiscordShoelace~100 (on 21. October 2020)
hybridshybrids~50 (on 21. September 2020)

Note: want to add another community to this list? Send us a pull request!