# Create Open Web Components

Web component project scaffolding.

# Usage

npm init @open-wc


npm init requires node 10 & npm 6 or higher

This will kickstart a menu guiding you through all available actions.

$ npm init @open-wc
npx: installed 14 in 4.074s
     .d''           ``b.       Open Web Components Recommendations
   .p'      Open       `q.
 .d'    Web Components  `b.    Start or upgrade your web component project with
 .d'                     `b.   ease. All our recommendations at your fingertips.
 ::   .................   ::
 `p.                     .q'   See more details at https://open-wc.org/init/
  `p.    open-wc.org    .q'
   `b.     @openWc     .d'
     `q..            ..,'      Note: you can exit any time with Ctrl+C or Esc

? What would you like to do today? › - Use arrow-keys. Return to submit.
❯  Scaffold a new project
   Upgrade an existing project

Our generators are very modular you can pick and choose as you see fit.

# Scaffold generators

These generators help you kickstart a new app or web component. They will create a new folder and set up everything you need to get started immediately.

Example usage:

npm init @open-wc
# Select "Scaffold a new project"

# Available scaffold generators:

  • Web Component
    This generator scaffolds a starting point for a web component. We recommend using this generator when you want to develop and publish a single web component.

  • Application
    This generator scaffolds a new starter application. We recommend using this generator at the start of your web component project.

# Features

The above generators are the perfect playgrounds to prototype. Add linting, testing, demoing and building whenever the need arises.

Example usage:

cd existing-web-component
npm init @open-wc
# select "Upgrade an existing project" or add features while scaffolding

# Available Upgrade features

  • Linting
    This generator adds a complete linting setup with ESLint, Prettier, Husky and commitlint.

  • Testing
    This generator adds a complete testing setup with Karma.

  • Demoing
    This generator adds a complete demoing setup with Storybook.

  • Building > Rollup
    This generator adds a complete building setup with rollup.

  • Building > Webpack
    This generator adds a complete building setup with webpack.

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