Having continuous integration in your project can provide valuable insights, and we consider it an essential in your projects.

Circle ci

If you use the default generator you will already have CircleCi setup with a .circleci folder. It also contains a config that takes care of linting and testing.


This is part of the default open-wc recommendation.


npm init @open-wc automating

Manual Setup


  • Register via
  • Use Sign Up with Github and select your user
  • If you already have an account, simply login
  • In the sidebar click "Add Projects"
  • Click "Set up Project"
  • Config is already present so you can simply click "Start building"

Run Tests via Browserstack

  • If you do not have an account yet, please create a Browserstack account
  • For open source projects you can request a sponsorhip (like we have for open-wc) => You only need to add the logo + link to browserstack and write an E-Mail.
  • Go to
  • Look for "Automate", and write down the "Access Key" and "Username"
  • Open your circleci App or direclty via{groupname}/{reponame}/edit
  • Go to the project settings -> Environment Variables
  • Add Variable: BROWSER_STACK_USERNAME + ${username from url above}
  • Add Variable: BROWSER_STACK_ACCESS_KEY + ${key from url above}
Last Updated: 3/24/2019, 3:06:49 PM