Having continuous integration in your project can provide valuable insights, and we consider it an essential in your projects.

#Circle ci

If you use the default generator you will already have CircleCi setup with a .circleci folder. It also contains a config that takes care of linting and testing.


This is part of the default open-wcrecommendation.

## Setup
npm init @open-wc automating

#Manual Setup


  • Register via https://circleci.com/signup/
  • Use Sign Up with Github and select your user
  • If you already have an account, simply login
  • In the sidebar click "Add Projects"
  • Click "Set up Project"
  • Config is already present so you can simply click "Start building"

#Run Tests via Browserstack

  • If you do not have an account yet, please create a Browserstack account
  • For open source projects you can request a sponsorhip (like we have for open-wc) => You only need to add the logo + link to browserstack and write an E-Mail.
  • Go to https://www.browserstack.com/accounts/settings
  • Look for "Automate", and write down the "Access Key" and "Username"
  • Open your circleci App or direclty via https://circleci.com/gh/{groupname}/{reponame}/edit
  • Go to the project settings -> Environment Variables
  • Add Variable: BROWSER_STACK_USERNAME + \${username from url above}
  • Add Variable: BROWSER_STACK_ACCESS_KEY + \${key from url above}